#LABELicious: International label competition by FINAT

On the occasion of its 60th birthday, FINAT, the European association for the self-adhesive label and adjacent narrow-web converting industry, has launched the #LABELicious talent competition with the aim to give labels, which usually work silently in the background, the exposure they deserve.

The #LABELicious competition is a challenge for young and future professionals in Europe, aged between 18 and 25.

Entrants are invited to submit their ideas and concepts for labels in three categories:

Smart / Intelligent / Multifunctional Labels

Labelicious calls for truly fresh & feasible ideas about integrating technologies in brand/functional labels to enhance the experience and the value of the label in the end-customer’s business case in 2025. The entry should demonstrate how label converting technology adds value to a label through new functionality, production methods or other technical innovation.

Brand Design

Labelicious calls for next-generation labeldesign, both visually and from a contructive and functional perpective. The entry should demonstrate how in 2025 a branded label creates an outstanding experience, competitive advantage and added value for a brand in its own product category.


Labelicious calls for new approaches to improve sustainability in the field or product labelling. The entry should demonstrate how in 2025 a new approach to label design, production and application can contribute to a positive sustainability performance.

The prizes for the winners in each category are: € 1,000.- for the winner + one experience week in Europe with one of the Platinum sponsors + hosted as a guest during Labelexpo Europe 2019 in Brussels

All information about the #LABELicious competition can be found on the competition website: www.labelicious.eu

Entries can be submitted until 15 May 2019 8 PM CET.

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