Absolut Creative Competition: International Creative Competition

Absolut is launching the global Absolut Creative Competition in 20 countries across the world with the mission to find the next bold creative voice of the brand.

Over the last four decades Absolut has worked with over 550 of the world’s boldest artists including Keith Haring, Arman Armand, Romero Britto and Maurizio Cattelan, resulting in over 800 art pieces being created.

Now, Absolut is on a global mission to uncover the next Haring, Britto, or Thomas, calling on artists and designers to enter the Absolut Creative Competition before 31 January 2019 to stand a chance to win a €20 000 cash prize and have their work displayed on globally iconic locations.

The global jury selected to judge the competition so far includes Aaron Cezar, the founding director of the London based Delphina Institute.

To promote the competition, Absolut worked with director Oscar Hudson and creative agency BBH on two films that capture the spirit of the competition. In them, artists walk through a cityscape that represents the generations of artistic posters created by noted artists. It ends with the question: “Are you next?”

Submissions: www.absolut.com

Deadline: 31 January 2019

Watch the video:

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